Municipal environments require a significant level of record-keeping due to their involvement in city affairs. Chart recorders and data loggers are used by various sectors of each city. Internally, they are utilized within sanitation and waste management settings, and in small-scale settings during reconstruction (i.e. temperature of concrete being poured) and water monitoring. Many of the chart recorders utilized within municipalities are being updated to paperless logging systems because of their hands-off quality.

Many municipal data logging devices are small and portable. This allows cities to measure and collect data on a range of city activities while having the accessibility to be used by employees in any field. Smaller logging devices also remove the need to be on-site as often to change chart paper or troubleshoot minor pen/stylus errors that occur with traditional chart recorders - this increases their utility. Moreover, it prevents the need to move a hefty charting device between locations when needed.

Digital data logging devices that are dependent on software pose one main issue: technological glitches and malfunctioning. Many of the newer recording devices are remote – their data is sent straight to an external computer without the necessity of connecting a USB. This saves time but requires a technician’s assistance if the software associated with this type of recorder goes awry. Easily fixed by a knowledgeable professional, data loggers are extremely useful in municipal applications.

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