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Chart recorders are used in numerous industries worldwide to record crucial maintenance data. Industrial recording charts are specialized for larger volumes of data measurement. They are typically used to ensure safety and quality on a day-to-day basis, so require attention and consistent upkeep.

Issues surrounding industrial-driven chart recorders are characterized by lapses in maintenance and wear-and-tear of recorder parts. The large-scale use of industrial chart recorders requires effective and consistent calibration to prevent the system from malfunctioning. Moreover, it is crucial to replace specific parts of the system (i.e. motors, bearings). Failure to keep the recorder in working order will cause motor and/or calibration issues that will require a technician to fix.

Paperless chart recorders require less upkeep because there is no chart paper to change or calibrate after every recording. Digital logging systems are less hands-on but still require upkeep to prevent malfunctioning. Issues with digital industrial chart recorders outside of improper maintenance consequences surround the proper transference and storage of data.

Technician aid may be required to retrieved data that appears to be lost in the system, especially when considering the large quantities of data being recorded and reports being ordered within the industrial context. Trend data is also an important aspect of chart production, most notably using paperless recording systems. Seeking technical assistance when issues arise with the reporting function, trend function, or user interface on a recording device malfunction is crucial in maintaining an accurate representation of the data being analyzed.

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