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Chart recorders are used in commercial setting to track several different types of data. Tracking sales and customer trends is a significant aspect of the commercial environment that utilizes data recording technology. Monitoring drops, rises, and stagnation in the consumer data provided by a chart recorder is crucial in determining where a company should focus its efforts. Outside of sales, commercial companies require chart recorders for tasks similar to those in industrial settings. Safety, quality assurance, and health checks are also necessary commercially as the warehouse environment that fabricates certain products requires data tracking.

Monitoring sales trends and maintaining safety are crucial tasks that are entrusted to several types of recorders. Digital and/or traditional chart recorders are used within the industrial side of commercialism. These recorders keep a constant tab on the status of different warehouse variables – an understandably significant role. Therefore, it becomes equally as crucial to maintain these recorders to prevent inaccurate data, or data loss, from occurring.

Traditional chart recorders that use chart paper require a specific environment in terms of humidity and temperature. Issues may arise if user error causes fluctuation in either of these variables and could require external aid via a technician to troubleshoot the best solutions to prevent similar issues from occurring again, as well as to adjust or fix any recorder parts that may have been impacted.

Digital logging software, used in the monitoring of sales and customer trends, requires similar maintenance and attention as the paperless chart recorders that could also be used within the warehouse setting of a commercial company. The same type of issues are presented surrounding software malfunctioning due to either misuse (i.e. exposure to water) or malfunction. Either type of issue can easily be fixed by calling a technician to determine the cause of such errors and fix the device.

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