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Data that is not readable is illegible and does not accurately reflect the data that was being recorded. Although the measurements were taken continuously in this situation, unreadable data poses a huge issue in interpretation. This causes headache for both the user who takes the data initially, and any other individual that requires this same data for work purposes. Faulty data recording becomes troublesome when colleagues cannot objectively see their data in the same way, simply because they both read the illegible chart in differently.

User Error

User error occurs when the user does not take extreme care to set up and/or maintain the chart recording system. This can happen several different ways:

  • Failing to take into consideration the temperature and humidity of the external environment
  • Failing to set the viewing angle properly on traditional recorders
  • Failing to place the arm pen/stylus correctly, causing a fuzzy or saw-like appearance
  • Failing to properly adjust the injection volume on the arm
  • Improper calibration

System malfunctions

System malfunctions are typically caused by simple errors:

  • Download issues when transferring paperless data to an external source
  • Worn out chart recorder parts on either paperless or traditional recorders

What You Can Do

Issues when transferring data from a paperless system may be solved with a technician’s help. Illegible chart recordings via traditional pen systems may not be salvageable. Find the cause of this error and address it promptly.

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