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Cabling associated with any brand of chart recorder holds extreme significance. Cables directly link the electrical components of the chart recorder to each other. The main board is connected to the recorder’s chart plate via flexible conductor cabling. Its adjoining boards that control parts like the motor and pen arm, especially in thermal-stylus usage, are all connected by a set of cables that are specific to powering the pen. Moreover, flexible cables join these boards and plates together so that the main board can execute its role of overall chart recorder connectivity.

Chart recorder cables are susceptible to being impacted by any issues that arise with the components that the cables are connected to. This can cause damage to the wires within the cables, rendering them useless. Electrical shorts due to problems with power supply and blown fuses can damage components like the chart drive or battery. Shorts also occur if the wire inside of a cable is exposed because of faulty initial installation.

Depending on the type and severity of damage done to connected recorder parts, the cabling that is connected to these specific parts will suffer a similar fate. The connective aspect of the cables will no longer work the same. Moreover, because chart recorder cables connect the different components of the device together, a faulty cable connection could potentially impact several different parts of the recorder. Cabling issues should be addressed by a professional technician, notable due to the specialized equipment needed to solder broken connections between the cables and its adjoining boards.

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