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Factory Authorized Sales and Service

Municipal, Commercial, and Highway Equipment

Shure Star

Factory and Warehouse Collision Avoidance Systems

Forklift Alert System
Intersection Alert System
Pedestrian Caution System

Saves lives, saves money!

  • Flashing signs, audible alerts, domes
  • ICS Intersection Caution Systems
  • VCS Vehicle Caution Systems

Featured Products:


TRAFCON Industries, Inc.

Traffic Control Arrow Boards & Message Signs

Fix Traffic Control Arrow Boards
Fix Traffic Control Arrow Boards
Fix Electronic Traffic Message Signs

Solar, Diesel, Gas, and Electric

  • Portable Changeable Message Signs
  • Trailer Mount & Vehicle Mount
  • Available Eco-friendly Solar Powered

Featured Products:


Pipeline Inspection and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Pipeline Inspection
UEMSI Electronic Repair Equipment
Electronic Repair Equipment

Viewing & Recording Systems

  • Sewer Cleaning Hose and Equipment
  • Lateral Inspection Systems
  • Main Line Inspection Systems

Featured Products:


RIS: A World-Class Facility...

  • Over 46 years of experience serving our Customers in New York, the United States, all across the globe.
  • Thousands and Thousands of Products sold to date!
  • Thousands of New and Re-man products available.
  • Yes, definitely Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Rochester Industrial Services - Proud to be American!

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