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Betty Hollander established Omega Engineering in 1962 to manufacture top line engineering products and informative handbooks. Hollander set out to advertise general engineering information, as well as detailed how-to guides for numerous engineering practices, and achieved great success in this venture. In 2011, the brand Spectris acquired Omega and renamed it Omega Lambda. Omega Lambda shifted their focus onto actively empowering the engineering community outside of Betty’s original physical format. Omega Lambda now offers a large e-commerce business and multitudinous digital resources for engineers to digest globally: case studies, expertise, and technical articles are presented in digital format. Aside from this wealth of knowledge, Omega Lambda produces technology that is held to the same high standard as their written guides.

Omega Lambda offers the following recording devices:

  • Circular chart recorders: CT6102-PV, CT6101, CT6101, CT6103, CT6102, CT6103-PV
  • Paperless chart recorders: RD8252-UPS, RD8252-UPS-USB, RD8253, RD8253-USB, RD82523-EI
  • Chart recorders for temp and humidity: ITHX-SD-5, ITHX-SD-2, ITHX-SD-5-5D, ITHX-SD-5D, ITHX-SD-WD
  • Chart recorders for temp and humidity - virtual: ITHX-W3-5, ITHX-W3-2, ITHX-W3-DECAL, ITHX-W3, ITHX-W3-DECAL-T3-H3, ITHX-D3
  • Paperless humidity/temp chart recorder: RH520, RH520-NIST, RH520-240, RH520-240-NIST, RH520-220-NIST
  • Circular, microprocessor-based recorders: CT19111-AL2, CT19111-MA1, CT19111-MT2, CT19122-MT2, CT1933-EN3
  • 1 or 2 channel, 10” circular recorders: CT5102, CT5100, CT5110, CT512—LOCK, CT5102-CE
  • 100 and 180mm programmable chart recorders: RD101B, RD101B-C7, RD102B, RD103B, RD104B

Product Setbacks

Omega Lambda produces a large quantity of effective chart recorders. However, some customers have required repairs for the dock/s that connect the temperature-measuring probe to the chart recorder itself. This issue will need technician consultation to determine the extent of any specific docking issue. This is necessary to determine the most reasonable steps forward in repairing or replacing this piece. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. offers full rebuilds on all Omega Lambda models. All rebuilds are backed by a 1-year cover to cover warranty. Call us today for more information, or use our Ship it Now form to begin the process.

To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.

SORRY FOLKS—WE DON'T REPAIR CONSUMER PRODUCTS. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. is an industrial repair facility. We repair, refurbish, maintain, and service all types of industrial and commercial equipment. Unfortunately, we are NOT set up for repair of household items

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