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ABB is a technological leader within the digital industry. ABB possesses over 130 years of international experience amongst its four unique business ventures. ABB’s electrification business concentrates on developing sustainable electrical solutions in transportation. Motion ABB reflects interest in the industrial environment through their development in efficient motor systems. ABB’s industrial automation, robotics and discrete automation sects focus on creating software and technology that adds value to business operations and the innovation of robotic implementation. ABB also provides client-centered solutions for specific industries specializing in sustainable electrification, measurement, software services, and analytics. ABB’s branch companies significantly impact the global arena in their software solutions and distribution efforts while actively creating sustainable solutions within the technological industry.

ABB provides the following chart recorders:

  • Paperless chart recorders: RVG200, SM500F, RDM500
  • Circular chart recorders: C1300 circular chart recorder, C1901 single pen circular chart recorder, c1900 circular char recorder, C1900 circular chart recorder/controller, C1950 pasteurizer recorder/controller, C1960 multi-recipe profile recorder/controller

Product Setback

Although ABB is innovative in their approach to creating high-tech equipment, their products are not without flaw. Some customers have reported issues with the digital display on their paperless chart recorder. The display on this device freezes at times, while displaying inaccurate data. This issue should be addressed with a technician because inaccurate readout displays could be the result of issues with the software, interface, or the display screen itself. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. offers full rebuilds on all ABB models. All rebuilds are backed by a 1-year cover to cover warranty. Call us today for more information, or use our Ship it Now form to begin the process.

To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.