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Dickson DW424 Chart Recorder
Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder


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View some of the highly-specialized Chart Recorder Repair Services we offer

Rochester Industrial Services is perfectly positioned to provide efficient, affordable repairs and calibration for your chart recorders and data loggers. Even if you have obscure or off-brand equipment, chances are we can help no matter what manufacturer or model you have. If you are in need of service, repair, maintenance, or calibration on any equipment not covered in the categories below, please use our online contact form to inquire or view our contact information for other various means available.

Problem: You Have Critical Equipment Down

Your worst nightmare: Data lost - intermittent data capture - data not readable... These are a few of the failures that bring production to a grinding halt.

Solution: Rochester Industrial Services Can Fix It Now!

Our quick, component-level industrial electronic repair processes, procedures, and outcomes are the best...

  • Priority repairs put the process in motion for a quick turnaround for critical "line down" situations
  • Your equipment stays on the repair bench until the repair is completed
  • In most cases we turn your product around and ship it back the same day
  • Our diverse, forty-six-year video repair experience gives us the expertise to service your Chart Recorders and Data Loggers like no one else can
  • Our repair expertise andith our unique test equipment allows full application simulation testing
  • Our unique process and cutting-edge repair industry procedures set the standard
  • Data recorders with video problems: No problem!
  • Numerous common use parts stocked for quick repairs
  • We are a component-level repair facility
  • Hundreds of loyal repeat customers agree that our repair performance and outcomes rank among the best in the country
  • 100% customer satisfaction is our goal

Why should you choose Chart Recorder Repairs from Rochester Industrial Services for your industrial chart recorder and data logger repairs?

Our repair process covers the entire unit, not just fixing what has failed. Our one-year warranty also covers the entire unit. You can be confident that your chart recorder or data logger is fixed right the first time and is ready to provide years of trouble free use. From the top cover to the bottom case, a forward thinking evaluation and rebuild process is put forth.

All failed or questionable components are replaced as needed including arms, drive hub, pens, main board, interface boards, cables, display/readouts, top cover/door, window glass, and more. The entire unit is gone over 100%. The finished product is remanufactured electrically, mechanically, and cosmetically and fully tested before return shipment. Returning your chart recorder or data logging equipment to service will be an easy plug-and-play experience.

All refurbished merchandise we offer for sale undergoes the same rigorous evaluation and repair process. Our preemptive approach keeps failures in the field low and customer satisfaction high. And there's more...

Industrial - Municipal - Commercial - Medical

Chart Recorder & Data Logger Repairs by Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

ALL Foreign and Domestic Manufacturers

of Chart Recorders and Data Logging Equipment Repaired, Refurbished, and Calibrated

Honeywell - Eurotherm - ABB - Barber Colman - Partlow - Omega Lambda - Gould - Yokogawa - More...

Component-level chart recorder and data logger repair - calibration services also available. We support numerous domestic and foreign manufacturers - View List

Chart Recorder Repair Services

Best Quality

Blue Check-mark BEST Warranty - RIS Fair & Honest 1-Year Warranty included

Blue Check-mark FREE Evaluation - We offer FREE same-day evaluation

Blue Check-mark FREE Support - We offer FREE telephone tech support



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Not just a Band-Aid® – We give you the works!

Instead of the "Band Aid®" approach others use, our process includes:

  • Full power-up evaluation / failure verification prior to disassembly
  • Each Unit is fully disassembled and cleaned
  • Each Unit is serviced 100%, including the following:
    • Power supply circuit
    • Main data board
    • Interface / input boards
    • Cables and connections
    • Control panel / touch screen / keypad
    • Arms and pens
    • Drive hub
    • Data input circuits
    • Proper display and recording systems testing
    • 48-hour burn-in quality testing
    • Out-the-door quality visual inspection
    • Full in-process repair data / photographic archiving

To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.