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Several technological directors from the UK established Eurotherm in 1965 to specialize in instrumentation that improved industrial operations. The directors at Eurotherm created the company with industrial temperature control in mind, through it was partnered with three additional technological branches: Chessel Ltd., Turnbull Control Systems, and Shackleton System Drives. These four sects merged in 1974 to create the Eurotherm International brand. Since its establishment, Eurotherm International continues to provide specialized services and products to the operation of industrial processes worldwide, expanding to include different aspects of industrial energy efficiency. Eurotherm gained traction by partnering with multiple leading sustainability organizations, creating Invensys Operations Management before Schneider Electric acquired the company in 2014. Eurotherm has since continued to provide technological solutions for industries high in energy consumption and continues to release instruments that aid in processing, power monitoring, and recording functions. 

Eurotherm provides the following data recorders:

  • Paperless graphic recorders: 6000XIO distributed graphic recorders, 6100A/6180A paperless graphic recorder, Versedac scalable data recorder, 6100A TUS recorder, 6100E paperless graphic recorder, 6180 AeroDAQ, Nanodac recorder controller
  • Paper recorders: 392 circular chart recorder
  • 917 Series temperature controllers

Product Setbacks

Eurotherm International releases high quality measuring devices that are effective in data recording. One potential issue with their products, however, pertains to their chart recorders’ communication cards. Communication cards facilitate connectivity amongst the different electrical components and boards inside of the chart recorder. In some Eurotherm products, the communications card requires replacement as a result of malfunction. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. offers full rebuilds on all Eurotherm models. All rebuilds are backed by a 1-year cover to cover warranty. Call us today for more information, or use our Ship it Now form to begin the process.

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