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TRAFCON Dynamic, Vehicle Mounted Traffic Control Equipment

Completely Mobile PCMS (Portable Changeable Message Sign)

MB-ADS models combine the flexibility of real-time, dynamic messaging with complete mobility. The result is a family of signs with a universal mounting system designed for trucks and vans that can be customized for a wide range of vehicle makes and styles.

TRAFCON’s MB-ADS PCMS can be configured as 3x2, 4x2, 5x2, 6x2 or 4x3. As needs change, BRICKs can be added or removed. Once attached to the truck, the sign can be easily lowered or raised with a single push of a button. A variety of factory paint colors are available to match your vehicle!

Arrow Dynamic Sign® (ADS) Features

The Arrow Dynamic Sign® (ADS) combines the positive attributes of both an arrowboard and a dynamic message sign. You can combine the clarity of a text message with the impact of graphic message. The convenience and flexibility enables the user to program the sign to fit various applications.

  1. ADS utilizes the modular BRICK® system
  2. Sealed display modules eliminate bulky poly face doors
  3. The only display modules in the industry to meet SAE J1455 salt spray requirements
  4. Bright, long lasting LED’s, superior angularity
  5. Signs can be configured to meet size and budget requirements
  6. Full matrix graphics and text can be programmed utilizing a laptop computer or hand held terminal
  7. System meets or exceeds all industry and government standards for both changeable message signs and arrow boards
  8. Microprocessor based controller
  9. Non-volatile memory stores up to 200 sequences
  10. Fully automatic 110v/12v battery charger included
  11. Heavy duty power tilt mount with dual actuators standard
  12. Durable powder coat finish
  13. Back lighted, touch pad control
  14. All controls from cab of vehicle for safety

Sign Case

  • Construction – All welded
  • Material – Aluminum, .063 back panel, frame 3" x 1" x .125 Extruded Channel (Welded)
  • Lifting Mechanism – Low profile mount, (2) 250lb linear actuators

Message Display

  • 6-12 Brick sealed display modules
  • Module size: 19”x14”
    • 4 LEDs per pixel
    • 96 pixel per module
  • Module face is constructed with high impact, UV protected, ABS thermoplastic polycarbonate
  • Interior silk screen acrylic mask
  • Automatic photocell controlled

Control System & Circuitry

  • Voltage - 12 Volt- 30 Amp Nominal (Supply)
  • Circuitry - Solid State
  • Protection – Reverse polarity, Automatic
  • Dimming - Automatic

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