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Traffic Caution Systems from Shure Star were developed to address the daily hazards of people working with and around industrial forklifts. These systems are available in two types: the Intersection Caution System (ICS), or the Vehicle Caution System (VCS). The ICS/VCS are typically installed over busy forklift intersections that also include pedestrian crossings. With their flashing signs, horn alerts, and visual domes, the ICS/VCS systems save lives and money!

“Make every effort to alert workers when a fork lift is nearby. Enforce safe driving practices such as obeying speed limits, stopping at signs.”

The Shure Star Intersection Alert System warns pedestrians of vehicle traffic inside industrial facilities by the use of sensor, visual and audible alarms. Sensors monitor up to 4 directions of an intersection or oncoming vehicle traffic. Once the traffic is detected, visual and audible alarms activate to warn pedestrians of approaching traffic and a 360 degree mirror offers extended visibility to the forklift driver. The system is self contained, mounts by eye bolts and runs off 120V single phase 5amp power.

Visual Alerts:

High Intensity strobe light demands the attention of pedestrian so they can actively engaged in the alert.

System Includes:

Long Range Sensor will detect oncoming traffic up to 70' Short Range Sensor will detect oncoming traffic up to 25' (Depending on mounting height and angle of sensor)

  • 120V Single Phase 5 AMP Power
  • 1-4 Sensors
  • Adjustable Audible Alarm
  • 93dB to 111dB
  • 28 Different Tone settings
  • Sensor Remote Adjustment
  • 360 Degree Mirror
  • 1 Year Warranty

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