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Traditional chart recorders that use paper or a stylus require an arm to record its data. A recording arm is a long, stick-like component that is placed in one corner of a chart recorder. The arm projects from this connection on the main device on one end and possesses a connector on the other end that attaches to a pen or stylus. The arm’s functionality is crucial in recording accurate data because it is the direct connection between the mechanism that detects changes in data, and the expression of these measurements onto the chart paper for the user to interpret.

Problems with a chart recorders arm stem from general wear-and-tear and user misuse. As the recorder arm gets older, its connectivity to the recording device itself becomes compromised. The accompanying loosened state of the arm during this expected wear-and-tear changes the way the arm functions. This loosened quality alters the arm’s position and angle when holding the pen, impacting the quality and accuracy of the recording. Calibrating the device also suffers in accuracy because the measurements given by the arm will not be correct.

User misuse is just as easy to spot as a loose arm in chart data. Arms that are moved or bumped out of place by a user can become damaged. This can result from unintentionally bending the arm or the destruction of the joint where it attaches to the device.

The arm on a chart recorder can be replaced when either of these issues occur. Unless damage is done to the device or connection itself, an arm kit can be used for the user to address the issue themselves.

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