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Traditional paper-based chart recorders can be difficult to calibrate properly. Calibration is required after each set of recordings to ensure the proper functioning of the system, though issues in calibration can arise upon initial use of the device. Calibration is an important process that dictates the measurements recorded by the system. This is a huge pitfall if done improperly - every proceeding measurement is based on the standard set during calibration. Issues with calibration are dangerous in practice because – if left unchecked - the chart recorder will not provide relevant data. This equates to total data loss when considering how crucial accurate data tracking is in all industries.

User Error

User error occurs when the user does not take extreme care to set up and/or maintain the chart recording system. This can happen several different ways:

  • Failing to calibrate in a stable environment
  • Failing to adhere to proper calibration practices designated by the manual
  • Failing to change chart paper on time, after every complete use
  • Failing to adjust the recorder sensor after each attempted calibration

System malfunctions

System malfunctions are typically caused by simple errors:

  • Worn out chart recorder parts on either paperless or traditional recorders

What You Can Do

Issues with calibration, if not user-related, require technician assistance. Otherwise, proper adherence to the instructional manual should remedy this issue.

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