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Chart recorder displays, or readouts, give the user a visualization of different data associated with what is being recorded. The display is attached to, and works in conjunction with, the interface board on a chart recorder. The amount of information that is available via readout varies depending on the type of chart recorder being used.

Traditional chart recorders provide much less information about the recording process than paperless and other digital systems provide. Paper-driven chart recorders display information pertaining to two different functions. One array of information provided through the readout display is the status of the recordings or calibration tests being conducted.  This includes numbers (i.e. temperature or humidity level) or words (i.e. fail) in the case of calibration. The second use for the readout on a chart recorder is to display the options that the user is navigating through and/or selecting within the chart recorder’s menu.

Paperless chart recorders and data loggers represent a more advanced level of technology in their display. Digital readout displays are aided by the user interface board to navigate different apps and options in displaying graphical data. It is also possible to comb through past data, organize data, and receive digital reports and trends via paperless chart recorder displays.

Chart recorder displays reflect issues associated with computer monitors, as both are screens designated to revealing information and facilitating navigation within user interface systems. Problems include incomplete screens, fuzzy or unclear displays, frozen displays, or solid black displays. These issues can result from faulty wiring, software, or main/daughter boards and should be taken to a technician to remedy.

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