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Data lost is an error that occurs when a chart loses or fails to record data that the user intended to document. Data can be lost due to several instances of user error, or basic system malfunctions. Losing data is an issue within any industry that is required to track data for safety purposes. Temperature recording is one of the main proponents of data tracking - losing data within contexts like the food or pharmaceutical industries can become a safety hazard. Depending upon the type of error, and what caused the error, data loss can create a permanent gap in an otherwise sound data record.

User Error

User error occurs when the user does not take extreme care to set up and/or maintain the chart recording system. This can happen several different ways:

  • Failing to place the chart hole onto the hub drive pin
  • Failing to completely lower the arm pen onto the chart paper
  • Failing to replace and/or rotate new chart paper
  • Failing to download paperless chart memory onto an external drive properly

System malfunctions

System malfunctions are typically caused by simple errors:

  • Power loss/interrupted connection during data transfer of paperless charts
  • Worn out chart recorder parts on either paperless or traditional recorders

What You Can Do

Contact a technician to retrieve lost data on a paperless system. However, it is not guaranteed that this data has not become corrupted or irretrievable. Traditional chart recording data is typically harder to obtain after it has been lost due to the physical nature of the machine.

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