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Ultrasonic Metal Welders

At Ultrasonic Welder Repairs, we service and repair all types of Ultrasonic Metal Welders from manufacturers like AmTech, Sonobond, Telsonic, and many others. In most cases we don't charge an evaluation fee, and in fact, sometimes we can actually help you fix a problem over the phone for FREE! Click through for more information.


Branson 900 Series Welders

Ultrasonic power supplies and generators, thrusters and actuators, ultrasonic tooling including converters, boosters, and sonotrodes... We at Ultrasonic Welder Repairs offer a variety of preventive maintenance, repair service, and replacement programs for all Branson 900 Series Ultrasonic Welding Systems. We have a wealth of experience rebuilding or repairing all types of Ultrasonic Welders from just about every domestic manufacturer and most foreign manufacturers including Hughes, Lewis, Sonotronic, Haver & Boeker, and Stapla. To find out more, follow the link.


Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

When it comes to rebuilding, refurbishing, or repairing your industrial ultrasonic equipment and as far as we are concerned, "Sonics is sonics - Yes, we can fix it!" We are specialists at repairing all types of Ultrasonic Cleaners, as shown on this page and elsewhere on our website, but if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call 888.349.4638 or inquire using our online contact form.


Branson 2000 Series Welders

Many packaging and manufacturing applications have used Branson 2000 Series Ultrasonic Welders extensively for many years and we have had great success maintaining and repairing them for our customers. We can repair or refurbish just about any ultrasonic metal, plastic, or textile bonding equipment you currently have, or provide a number of options for replacement. Among the manufacturers we routinely see are Branson, Telsonic, Dukane, Herrmann, and many others.


Ultrasonic Converters

Our forty-six years of experience and our extensive component stockpile allow us to service all ultrasonic converters and transducers, including full tear downs and complete rebuilds. We stock a wide variety of fully-tested converters, transducers, and boosters for quick turnaround. All are fully load tested and come with a full warranty. Our support includes 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz systems. We are also able to service custom builds from foreign manufacturers.


Branson 800 Series Welders

The Branson 800 Series ultrasonic welding systems have been reliable workhorse fixtures in many manufacturing operations, but in the forty-six years we've been doing this, there have been many changes in equipment and technology. In the worst of cases, our customers - and maybe you - have found that the OEM no longer supports the equipment. When you need to get your legacy equpment up and running, you need Ultrasonic Welder Repairs from Rochester Industrial. We cover both scheduled preventive maintenance and casualty repairs for ALL ultrasonic systems... We can handle it so call us today!


Ultrasonic Power Supplies

At Ultrasonic Welder Repairs by Rochester Industrial Services, Inc., we service and repair all types of Ultrasonic Generators and Power Supplies from manufacturers like Branson, Dukane, Mecasonic, Herrmann, and many others. In most cases we don't charge an evaluation fee, and in fact, sometime we can actually help you fix a problem over the phone for FREE! Click through for more information.


Hermannn Ultrasonic Welders

Our ultrasonic repair technicians here at Rochester Industrial can provide an economical alternative to replacing your failed equipment. We stock everything we need to service your Herrmann ultrasonic welders offer free evaluations, and provide world-class service with fast turn-around times. Our Ultrasonic Welder Repairs Division goes the extra mile to provide reliable maintenance and repair services that are done right and on time, every time!


Ultrasonic Welder Repairs - We're Component Level!

The Ultrasonic Welder Repairs division of Rochester Industrial Services, Inc., has a robust and successful, forty-six-year history of repairing, servicing, and maintaining of ALL MAKES and MODELS of ultrasonic welding equipment. We excel at fixing equipment that is out of warranty, no longer supported by the OEM, or otherwise abandoned. Rochester industrial is a component-level repair facility. We routinely repair equipment that others say can't be fixed.

To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.