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Ultrasonic welding is an advanced technology requiring accuracy and precision. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. is pleased to offer fast service and repairs for digital controllers from Herrmann Ultrasonics and other manufacturers.

About Herrmann Ultrasonics

Headquartered in Germany, Herrmann Ultrasonics has a global reach with technology centers located throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In business for 50 years, Herrmann is a top-ranked company in the field of ultrasonic plastic welding and assembly, ever striving for innovative solutions for joining metals and plastics. Herrmann also has a solid dedication to developing production processes that are both financially efficient and environmentally friendly.


Herrmann Ultrasonics creates high-quality products for ultrasonic welding, including state-of-the-art digital controllers. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. can service and repair many Herrmann products, including the following:

To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.