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Cooling represents the endpoint of any properly completed welding job. Unfortunately, the seemingly simple act of cooling can prove surprisingly complicated. Proper cooling is critical not only after materials are bonded together, but also during the welding process itself. If either the weld time or the hold time last too long, the material's ability to cool down correctly could be compromised.

Environmental factors often come into play. For example, with projects requiring a brief hold time, excessive heat and humidity within the workspace could prompt longer solidification times. These and other issues can best be prevented by operating in a climate-controlled environment.

After projects have been completed, materials should be allowed to cool naturally. If outside agents such as water or cold air are introduced, sudden changes may impact the integrity of the materials. It's tempting to speed up the process for the sake of productivity, but this dramatically increases the risk of damage.

Beyond adjusting cooling processes, multiple solutions can be called upon to handle the environmental element of cooling issues. Ventilation should be checked to minimize concerns related to heat or humidity. Professional evaluations may uncover the hidden problems underlying improper cooling.

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