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Ultrasonic welding requires a specific frequency range. However, necessary frequencies vary considerably from one project to the next. The inability to reach the proper output can prove troublesome. Thankfully, such issues can typically be remedied by inspecting a few crucial components.

Faulty Horns

A problematic horn may limit the amount of power delivered. If cracked, for example, the horn could draw excessive power, evidenced by an increase in necessary wattage. A diagnostic scan can prove invaluable, as internal cracks may not be visible to the naked eye, and thus, could be difficult for the average user to detect. Continuously running bad tooling will create more problems by taking out the equipment upstream.

Power Supply Concerns

Often, output issues signal the need for amplitude adjustments to the power supply. Otherwise, if you suspect a complete lack of power supplied to the horn, overheating could be to blame. Check the supply's vents, as well as the fans that keep the supply cool. Supply issues are likely at play if you struggle to secure sufficient power or frequency.

Consider swapping out the current power supply before resuming your project. If, upon using a different power supply, you still struggle with output, your issues are more likely linked to the booster or horn.

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