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Computer components work in a discreet manner to keep ultrasonic equipment running smoothly. Unfortunately, all this hard work can take a toll on the central processing unit, which is responsible for most of the heavy lifting. CPU failure rates may be low, but this critical component can still falter. Save yourself future trouble by determining in advance that your processor is on its last legs — and act swiftly to address the issue before it impacts key elements.


A tell-tale sign of processor failure: equipment that suddenly and randomly turns off. This typically occurs in response to excess heat. If overheated, the CPU could throttle itself down to avoid catching on fire. As a result, the equipment it operates may also shut itself down.

Overheating often results from improper temperature maintenance. Insufficient airflow and cooling within the welder may also be to blame.

Power Surges

Even if equipment is properly ventilated and the area's temperature is carefully maintained, electrical power surges can prompt CPU failure. This may occur due to faulty electrical wiring or as a result of the power supply pumping out too much electricity. Damage from lightning, although unlikely, could also destroy your CPU. A surge protector can provide valuable protection in some, but not all situations. When in doubt, professional attention is advised.

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