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Success in ultrasonic welding depends, in large part, on the quality of the connection between materials. Fail to achieve a proper connection, and the entire project may be compromised. Causes can vary from one case to the next, with poor calibration and the degradation of certain materials often to blame.

Poorly-Calibrated Equipment

High-volume manufacturers responsible for producing a wide array of products often neglect to properly calibrate settings for individual jobs. This might seem like an obvious or easily preventable issue, but even a single problematic setting can cause big problems when precise controls need to be maintained.

Regular calibration is critical, but frequency alone is not sufficient to address such problems. A calibration audit can uncover ongoing issues — or a dedicated calibration service may handle the process to minimize the potential for later connection problems.

Working with Different Materials

Not all ultrasonic welding processes exclusively involve plastic. As metals, composites, and other materials are used for various jobs, manufacturers may struggle to determine how they will react with one another. Some materials degrade to a surprising degree and must be checked regularly to account for potential damage.

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