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Ribbon cables connect a variety of critical components — including power supplies, hard drives, and other hardware — to the motherboard. These cables are typically sturdy, reliable, and capable of sending reams of information back and forth. They are also prone to damage from a variety of sources. Often, ribbon damage indicates underlying issues that could harm a variety of other ultrasonic welding equipment components.

Contact With Debris

Ultrasonic welding equipment may introduce microscopic pieces of plastic and other materials into the air. If contacted by this debris, ribbon cables can suffer considerable damage. Proper ventilation within workspaces is crucial, as it renders debris and other foreign objects less likely to settle within — and wreak havoc on — essential equipment.

Bent or Twisted Cables

Proper cable positioning is critical, as wear and tear can occur if cables remain bent or twisted for long periods of time. Such positioning could lead to corrosion along the cable's edges. Before long, cable replacement may prove the only viable solution. Prevent future damage by periodically inspecting cables to ensure that they are positioned correctly. Full-scale evaluations should address communication ribbons in detail, noting the need for either replacement or improved positioning.

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