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While analog and digital circuit boards hold their fair share of differences, both are unfortunately susceptible to failure. Regardless of its structure, aging hardware will eventually fail — it's a matter of when, not if. Even newer equipment can be prone to damage, especially if exposed to the following risks:


Weather often plays a major role in the degradation and ultimate failure of analog and digital boards. Prolonged heat can cause circuit board elements to expand. This, in turn, may lead to malfunctioning components, especially given the small distances between the various elements found on these boards. If exposed to excessive heat, the boards themselves can also become warped.


Humidity regularly damages both analog and digital control boards. Moisture-heavy workspaces often prompt the rusting or oxidation of various components situated on the board. Corrosion may follow. Climate-controlled environments dramatically reduce the risk of both heat and humidity-related damage.

Prevention is key. If control boards are warped, they will likely require prompt replacement. After all, if the ultrasonic control board goes down, the entire device will as well. Upon replacement, plan for a more proactive approach to reduce the risk of future issues.

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