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Ultrasonic technology produces a variety of advanced equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, including capsule-filling machines and tablet presses. These devices have the potential to dramatically cut costs while also ensuring the compliance and quality control that are so critical in this high-stakes industry.

Malfunctions don't only harm ROI — they could potentially place patients at risk. For this reason, attention to detail is critical in both the maintenance and repair of ultrasonic equipment. As such, pharmaceutical businesses that utilize ultrasonic technology are strongly advised to invest in regular evaluations, as well as prompt repairs when the following issues come into play:

  • Problems with the machinery's power supply or electrical systems.
  • The need for the replacement of specific components, such as the horn or booster.
  • Temperature problems such as excessive humidity or improper cooling.
  • Concerns related to the accumulation of dust and debris.

Swift repairs can make a huge difference, but a proactive approach is just as important. Regular maintenance can ensure that critical ultrasonic devices remain not only in working order, but also, capable of abiding by high quality standards. In the event that a repair becomes necessary, full-scale evaluations and troubleshooting can ensure that the appropriate solution is determined early on.

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