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Ultrasonic technology plays a critical role in producing many of the foods modern consumers take for granted. Advanced slicing and baking humidification processes, in particular, eliminate the waste frequently prompted by manual welding approaches while also promoting impressive productivity. Ultrasonic equipment allows for cost-effective packaging of food products. Otherwise seamless processes can quickly grind to a halt, however, if ultrasonic equipment fails to work as promised.

Unfortunately, while they are generally reliable, the ultrasonic devices commonly used within the food processing industry can prove vulnerable to a wide array of issues, such as:

  • Connection concerns
  • User interface issues involving the display panel
  • Circuit board malfunctions
  • Insufficient temperature control
  • Malfunctioning power supply

Many of the issues seen in ultrasonic food processing mimic those regularly encountered in other welding applications. Others, however, are unique to the high-tech nature of ultrasonic processes and are therefore difficult for most businesses to handle on their own. Dedicated repair services provide both the reliability and peace of mind that these businesses require. Maintenance is just as important; with regular evaluations, major repair issues can be kept to a minimum to improve both the cost-efficacy and long-term functionality of critical food processing equipment.

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