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From aluminum chassis to bumpers, ultrasonic technology produces key components for today's vehicles at reduced cost and greater accuracy. Ultrasonic technology also produces many key components for vehicle interiors, including those involving not only plastics, but also composites and a variety of other materials. Examples of elements commonly produced via ultrasonic processes include instrument panels, gearshifts, air vents, and seat trim. Inside or out, precision is critical for everything from aerodynamics to safety concerns.

With proper maintenance, ultrasonic devices can significantly improve ROI while also ensuring full compliance and reducing the risk of eventual safety concerns. When the following issues arise, however, they must promptly be addressed to ensure minimal downtime and full compliance:

  • Cooling issues related to poor ventilation or environmental concerns.
  • Improper calibration of ultrasonic hardware.
  • Power supplies that fail to accommodate significant electrical needs.
  • Damage to key ultrasonic components such as the device's horn or booster.

When these and other issues arise, they must be dealt with promptly to ensure continued precision and reliability in auto manufacturing. Many concerns can be proactively handled to reduce repair costs down the road. When major malfunctions occur, however, significant repairwork may prove necessary, including the full replacement of key components.

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