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Commonly used for handling lightweight materials such as thin sheet gauge metals, ultrasonic technology plays a critical role in the modern aerospace industry. Aerospace organizations utilizing other welding methods tend to struggle with aluminum, due to its high thermal conductivity. With ultrasonic systems, however, a solid-state weld can prove surprisingly easy to achieve.

Ultrasonic techniques are also commonly used for composite materials, which are increasingly common in multiple aerospace niches. This approach produces high-quality elements to ensure safety, durability, and a surprising degree of cost-efficiency.

Given the unique complications of working with both aluminum and composite materials, ultrasonic equipment must be carefully maintained to ensure exceptional accuracy. The smallest problems can prove devastating over time, especially if not caught early on via evaluations or troubleshooting. Common concerns include:

  • Poor amplitude control.
  • Improper heating or cooling.
  • Insufficient matching of ultrasonic stack and melt flow velocity.
  • Poor soldering or connection problems.
  • Degraded components such as horns and boosters.

Most ultrasonic welding equipment issues can be resolved through dedicated repairs completed by technicians who thoroughly understand the unique concerns inherent in ultrasonic technology. Attention to detail is critical, as it can ensure both the short-term precision and long-term functioning of advanced aerospace equipment.

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