Do you use Herrmann equipment in your company's industrial or commercial operations? You understand that the upkeep and maintenance of this equipment is important for its safe, efficient operation. However, many business owners forgo scheduling Herrmann repairs – with sometimes devastating consequences. If you need a repair for your malfunctioning Herrmann equipment, don't wait – Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. can help.

Herrmann Repair Services

Why Should You Repair Your Herrmann Equipment?

Herrmann Equipment provides top-of-the-line welding tools for your company’s use. However, many malfunctions can occur with normal use and accidents involving Herrmann controllers and converters. Waiting to repair this equipment can lead to worse damage and expensive repair costs down the line.

In addition, broken equipment does not function as well. You will see a reduced quality of work and lower customer satisfaction, as well as lower sales, with broken Herrmann equipment. In addition, you can place your employees at risk of injury. If you notice an issue with your Herrmann inventory, schedule a repair as soon as possible.

Herrman Equipment Repair Services

If you need a repair for your malfunctioning Herrmann equipment, don’t wait to seek help. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. provides affordable repair services for industrial and commercial Herrmann equipment throughout the United States. Our highly skilled and trained professionals have the experience necessary to repair multiple pieces of Herrmann equipment, regardless of frequency or wattage, including:

  • Digital Controllers, such as the 1000 M PK Ultrapack Digital Control
  • Active Controllers, such as the 1012 Dynamic Active Control and the 1000-M Dynamic Active Control
  • Converters, including the KHS 30-S-IP65-L Converter, the CCS 20-S-KC-HF Converter, and the CCS 20-S-KC Converter

Keeping your Herrmann equipment in top shape should be a priority for your company. Don't wait to invest in maintenance – Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. can help you. Contact us today to schedule your Herrmann repair with our maintenance professionals.