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Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. has been directly involved in keeping many different types of municipal, scientific, and industrial CCTV camera systems up and running. Our experience and capabilities span the entire spectrum of industrial CCTV camera system maintenance and repair, reaching from camera technologies such as multiple-lens optical systems and CCD applications, and all the way to the various permutations of CCTV camera system monitoring, recording, and play back equipment.

We frequently repair, rebuild, or refurbish CCTV Camera Systems from the following manufacturers:

CCTV Camera System Manufacturers:

  • UEMSI (Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems)
  • Bosch (Camera Systems)
  • Phillips (Camera Systems)
  • Cues (Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems)

...and various other manufacturers of CCTV Camera Systems.

Industrial CCTV Camera System Applications

Industrial CCTV camera system applications are those used to verify component identification, dimensions, tolerences, or placement. We come well versed in the repair, rebuilding, refurbishing, maintenance, and servicing of all types of industrial CCTV camera systems. At Rochester Industrial Services, Inc., we sell and service a variety of industrial CCTV camera systems supplied by leading manufacturers.

Municipal CCTV Camera System Applications

Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. excels in the repair, rebuilding, refurbishing, maintenance, and servicing of all types of municipal CCTV camera systems. Municipal CCTV camera system applications include those used in confined spaces such as mains, laterals, or any other spaces where conventional inspection methods just don't work. We sell and service all types of municipal CCTV camera systems from a variety of manufacturers.

Scientific CCTV Camera System Applications

There are also many scientific applications that require highly-specialized closed-circuit television camera systems. And, of course, highly specialized CCTV systems routinely require highly-specialized CCTV camera system maintenance and repair. No matter what the type, manufacturer, or model of your camera system, Rochester Industrial Services is the one place to call for any or all repair, maintenance, or servicing of your scientific camera system.

We have over 41 years experience with CCTV camera systems and their various applications. Some of the manufactures we see include Bosch, Phillips, Cues, UEMSI, and others.


A note about CCTV (Just for fun)...

There has been some recent discussion, perhaps even controversy, over the exact meaning of the acronym “CCTV” as it is used in our industry. At Rochester Industrial Services, Inc., it is our position that CCTV stands for “Closed-Circuit Television,” not “closed circuit television video” or any other variation of these terms.

Any of us who grew up during the heyday of broadcast television (i.e. the fifties and sixties) know that the letters “TV” stand for “television” and nothing else. Hence, adding the “closed-circuit” designation to the single word “television” would then yield “CCTV” in its abbreviated form.

So here's the bottom line: It doesn't really matter to me if you have closed circuit television video equipment or closed-circuit television equipment - either way, if it's not working quite the way it should send it to me!

To further the discussion on the origin of “CCTV” (or the meaning of “CCTV,” I should say), or if you seriously have need of our CCTV Camera System repair services, please use our contact form.

~ Doug Wagner
President & Senior Technician
Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

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