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Don't wait - Get your alphanumeric displays repaired now...

Rochester Industrial Services has the capacity and capabilities to repair, rebuild, or service many different magnitudes and styles of industrial alphanumeric displays from a variety of manufacturers.

We have a large variety of display repair parts in stock and a surplus of replacement units if needed. We can service one-line or multiple line readouts very efficiently. In some cases turnaround time can be less than 48 hours. Upon request, we can make modifications to these units to prevent malicious or accidental damage to the display caused by the operator or environment.

We frequently repair, rebuild, or refurbish Alphanumeric Display equipment and other video display equipment from the following manufacturers:

Alphanumeric Display Manufacturers:

  • Allen Bradley (Alphanumeric Displays)
  • Modicon (Alphanumeric Displays)

...and many other manufacturers of Alphanumeric Displays and various video display monitor equipment.

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To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.