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Don't wait - Get your printed circuit boards repaired now...

Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. has been very successful in repairing a diverse line of printed circuit boards. If you have a failed circuit board and are in need of repair, rebuild, or refurbishing services, try us - We are a Component-Level Industrial Electronics Repair Facility!


No Schematics?


No Drawings?


No OEM Support?




Let's face it - Repairing printed circuit boards or electronic cards of any type is not an easy task. Based on our history and our track record, we at Rochester Industrial Services know we will meet or exceed your expectations. Our promise to you is that we will exhaust every possible means in our effort to repair your printed circuit boards.

We have an elaborate network of contacts to source the hard-to-find components needed to get your printed circuit board operating again. When volume or need warrants it, we have the skill and knowledge to reverse engineer electronic component boards. This procedure will yield drawings and other necessary documentation which we can then use to repair your printed circuit boards or even build new product.

Some of our strengths include:

  • Video Drive Circuit Boards
  • Power Control Cards
  • Communications Circuit Boards
  • Sensing Circuit Boards
  • Multi-Layer Circuit Boards name just a few.

Some of the Manufacturers we see include:

  • GE Fanuc (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Allen Bradley (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Modicon (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Siemens (Printed Circuit Boards)

...and many other OEM specific to custom application printed circuit boards.

Industrial Electronic Repairs - Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

BEST Warranty - RIS Fair & Honest 1-Year Warranty included

FREE Evaluation - We offer FREE same-day evaluation

FREE Support - We offer FREE telephone tech support


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To learn more about how we can expedite the repair and upkeep of your commercial or industrial equipment, or to get a free estimate on any of our services, call Rochester Industrial Services Inc today at 888-349-4638, or write to us through our website’s contact page.