After a concerning outage, your repair provider has worked their magic and managed to get everything up and running — or so you think. On occasion, however, equipment that appears to be back to working order may continue to suffer problems that, if not addressed promptly, could lead to future malfunctions.

The solution? Beta testing. During this process, equipment that was recently out of commission is put to the test in a realistic production environment, with the goal of uncovering any lingering bugs or other problems. This approach should determine whether your equipment is as functional as it seems.

Key benefits of beta testing for recently repaired industrial equipment include:

  • Uncover hidden problems. Beta testing provides a practical process for revealing problems that might otherwise be difficult to detect. When conducted by an expert, this process can be swift and easy to navigate.

  • Peace of mind. Without beta testing, it's impossible to be 100 percent certain that your equipment problems are fully in the past. A strategic testing procedure can remove all doubt to grant much-needed peace of mind.

  • Integrate with other testing methods. Beta testing can easily be applied alongside other top testing solutions, including software emulation and prototyping.

  • Pave the path to proactive solutions. Should the beta testing process uncover equipment problems, you can quickly seek assistance from a trusted repair service. This proactive approach may limit the need for emergency repairs in the future.

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