Industrial equipment can prove surprisingly sensitive, with seemingly minor concerns often leading to considerable malfunctions. Anticipating such incidents is essential, as you otherwise risk costly downtime. Many issues can be avoided by keeping these common concerns in mind:

Common Reasons Why Sensitive Equipment Breaks

Using Equipment Ill-Suited for the Job at Hand

Industrial equipment must be strategically selected to ensure that the right machines are consistently used for specific tasks. Otherwise, you risk experiencing wear and tear above and beyond what can typically be expected for certain types of equipment. Over time, this avoidable degradation can make machines seem more sensitive than they actually are.

With ultrasonic welding, for example, equipment that works wonderfully for a particular weld may be problematic for another. This is especially common for high-amplitude functions, which may simply be too aggressive. This problem can be resolved by selecting equipment with diverse applications or ensuring that targeted machines are only used as directed.

Lack of Maintenance

Neglected maintenance can lead to not only equipment failure, but also terrifying hazards, and, in some cases, injury or death. As such, all components must be regularly inspected and cleaned. Ideally, trained technicians will service vulnerable components every few months. Spills, air filter checks, and weld terminal cleanings should occur on a daily basis. A maintenance schedule should make it easier to catch small problems before they lead to major breakdowns.

If, despite your best efforts at keeping equipment maintained, you suffer malfunctions, you can count on Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. to keep downtime to a minimum. Reach out today to learn more about our industrial equipment repair services.