You rely on your technician to keep your equipment in excellent shape, both through regular maintenance, and when needed, prompt repairs. This person can't always be present, however — and when he or she leaves, it's crucial that you have a backup plan in place.

Seek Help From a Trusted Resource

It's important to form a relationship with a respected repair company before an urgent need for assistance arises. Then, should your usual repair person become unavailable, you can quickly make the switch to your preferred alternative.

Take the time to chat with a local repair company to learn more about top specialties. For example, if your facility produces medical equipment, you'll want to determine in advance which providers are equipped to handle specific concerns related to this niche.

Other factors worth taking into account when researching local industrial repair companies:

  • Availability. Can your backup repair provider get to the site quickly when your typical technician is unavailable? Your best bet: a company that provides 24/7 emergency service.

  • Remote services. Are remote or virtual diagnostics available? Phone and internet-based troubleshooting takes just a few minutes and could provide a great stopgap until your usual repair person returns.

  • Free evaluations. Opt for a repair service that will show up to evaluate your malfunctioning equipment free of charge. From there, this provider should be able to expedite the process to get your machinery up and running.

The more you know about your preferred provider, the more confident you'll feel in turning to that particular repair company for assistance when urgent problems arise.

If you need help when your repair person is unavailable, don't hesitate to seek assistance from Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. Call us at 1.888.349.4638 to get started.