The field of ultrasonics is bursting with potential. We've experienced this firsthand at Rochester Industrial Services.

The problem? Businesses and individuals that require ultrasonic equipment often know little to nothing about proper upkeep and troubleshooting. This lack of understanding can lead not only to short-term inefficiencies, but also long-term problems that may prove both costly and difficult to reverse.

While we are pleased to provide a variety of repairs and maintenance opportunities at Rochester Industrial Services, we also believe that manufacturers and their hardworking employees benefit from in-depth knowledge of all things ultrasonics. To that end, we provide multiple courses designed to introduce customers to essential ultrasonics concepts and practices.

Training opportunities include:

  • Sonics 101 - Introduction to Ultrasonics
  • Sonics 102 - For intermediate students
  • Sonics 103 - Targeting advanced skills

All levels are available virtually to provide additional convenience. These training sessions can also be completed onsite at our facility or at our customers' facilities. No matter where or how training needs to be completed, we are willing to tailor our approach to ensure that participants come away with new skills and understanding.

Each training session may look a bit different based on the needs of the customer. Common topics covered include:

  • Setup and operation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Whether you're in need of service, basic technical support, or in-depth training, you can count on the team of experts from Rochester Industrial Services. Contact us today for more details on our training programs or to learn more about our many other offerings.