When your manufacturing equipment or components break down, it can take down your entire production line and bring your business to a halt. You may have a go-to employee or contractor who can troubleshoot your equipment, but what do you do if that person is gone, sick, or furloughed. While many businesses are tightening belts to keep production rolling safely, you may find yourself in a bind with fewer employees working right now. Not to worry, if something breaks, Rochester Industrial Services can help.

From ultrasonic equipment to industrial electronic equipment, circuit boards, and power supplies, Rochester Industrial Services specializes in the repair and refurbishment of industrial electronic equipment, and we can offer you “emergency level attention.” Don’t buy a new part; give us a call! If it’s a simple repair, we may be able to walk you through the repair via video or telephone. If it’s a more complicated repair, ship it to us, and we’ll repair it and get it back to you right away, bringing your business back online and putting your employees back to work.