Frigid Rochester, NY winter weather does not bode well for industrial technology. Freezing temperatures, fluctuations between hot and cold, and a build-up of precipitation can lead to costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Delicate industrial tech such as video displays, power supplies, and automation equipment may suffer a higher number of malfunctions during the winter months. If this happens to your enterprise, call the industrial technology repair experts at Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. for assistance.

Industrial Technology Services

Winter Storms

Severe storms in Rochester can cause downed power lines, property damage, and shorted electrical circuits. Industrial technology may suffer inside from storms raging outside, either from lost data in a power outage or electrical problems from downed wires. Surviving a storm with your tech intact may take help from a team of repair professionals. Prepare your establishment before a forecasted storm for the best odds of preventing major problems.

Cold Weather

Freezing temperatures could lead to cracked screens on industrial equipment and technology. Keeping your technology indoors can help reduce this risk, but if temperatures drop enough you may still experience this problem. Have your staff be extra-careful with equipment screens in cold weather to help prevent cracks and breaks.

Static Electricity

Cold, dry air during a Rochester winter can generate a great deal of static electricity. This is an industrial hazard that could trigger electrical problems, technology failures, and even fire hazards. Equip your industrial workplace with anti-static products such as static control ionizers and ionization blowers to remove static electricity during winter and eliminate this hazard.


If your building’s roof has a leak, winter precipitation could make its way indoors – wreaking havoc on your sensitive industrial equipment. Employees tracking in mud, water, and ice can also present a problem. Stay on top of building maintenance and invest in entryway rugs to help limit the amount of moisture inside the building. If you need industrial technology repairs this winter, contact us.