It's no secret that the pandemic has brought major changes to nearly every industry, but few sectors have been as heavily impacted as medical manufacturing. The most noteworthy developments include the following:

Essential Status

Many medical equipment manufacturers have been deemed essential based on their ability to produce PPE and other crucial items for fighting the pandemic. With this status comes the need for even faster production than usual.

Facilities regarded as essential now need to run at peak efficiency, as patients and health care workers are depending on them to play their part in the fight against COVID. Given these high expectations, equipment problems that might otherwise seem minor are now a greater cause for concern.

Staffing Shortages

Between illness and quarantine, the staff members needed to keep facilities running efficiently may need to step back for several weeks or even months. Shortages represented a significant problem long before COVID took over, but the problem has accelerated significantly. Even the temporary loss of just one staff member can place a huge burden on companies struggling to keep up with demand.

The Need for Remote Solutions

While remote service is nothing new for handling medical equipment malfunctions, it's now even more valuable as a means of streamlining operations while limiting exposure. A quick call may be all that's needed to determine the source of the problem and an accompanying fix.

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