The food industry is facing many challenges right now. The last thing you need is broken industrial equipment that you can’t fix because your go-to repairman is absent, sick, or furloughed. You need to keep your business moving, and you need your equipment repaired quickly. Rochester Industrial Services can help. We can offer you emergency-level attention and virtual repairs, walking through the problem, and the repair via video. If for some reason, a virtual repair won’t work, there’s no need to buy a new piece of expensive equipment. Ship it to us, and we’ll repair it for you quickly.

Rochester Industrial Services specializes in component-level industrial electronic repairs, and we’ve been doing it for more than 45 years. From ultrasonic equipment to power supplies, industrial chillers, monitors, and more, we can repair it. We strive for quality service and repair and competitive pricing. So, call us to help with your industrial equipment today.