Your equipment is malfunctioning and you're desperate for a fix. How you proceed may depend, to an extent, on whether the problem can be blamed on your hardware or software. While both can contribute to similar equipment issues, many businesses find that one or the other is primarily to blame. Keep reading to learn how to distinguish between these two common concerns:

Physical Manifestations

Hardware issues often have physical signs and symptoms that separate them from software errors. For example, jamming, stoppages, and poor speed often result from physical issues related to hardware. Dust, grime, and general wear and tear tend to cause gradual losses in functionality, but seemingly sudden outages are also possible.

In other cases, hardware issues result from negligence. Examples include the presence of spills near electrical components or the incorrect placement of input/output cables or connectors. These can often be detected with a simple visual inspection.

Digital Errors

Software errors may be less obvious to the naked eye than hardware concerns, but that doesn't make these any less impactful. The blue screen of death is a particularly common sign of trouble, but data loss and slow loading for programs or applications should also be cause for concern. In some industries, specialized, high-end equipment is prone to malware or even distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

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