Do you use Dukane equipment in your company operations? Whether you use Dukane for commercial or industrial purposes, regular maintenance for this equipment is necessary for the functionality and safety of your equipment. Delaying a repair can lead to more expensive damage later down the line.

If you need repairs or maintenance for your Dukane equipment, Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. can help. We are proud to service companies throughout the United States.

Dukane Repair Services

Why Should You Repair Your Dukane Equipment?

You may want to wait to repair your Dukane equipment when you notice a malfunction – however, waiting for maintenance can have serious consequences. You can notice a significantly reduced quality of work when you use the equipment. Most importantly, malfunctioning Dukane equipment can pose safety risks to your employees.

Dukane Equipment Repair Services

Are you struggling to find the right professional to perform your Dukane equipment repair? Look no further than Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. Our professionals have the training necessary to provide repairs for all models of Dukane equipment, regardless of frequency or wattage, including:

  • Converters, including the 41S30 Ultrasonic Converter, the 41C27 Ultrasonic Converter, and the 110-3122 Converter
  • Power Supplies, including the 40AT060-2M Power Supply, the 40A312B Power Supply, and the 15A4000 Power Supply
  • Amplifiers, including the 1A4125 and 1A4250 Amplifiers
  • Ultrasonic Generators, such as the 20A series, the 20B series, and the 20T series
  • Controllers, including the 2150HIN4-P1DC1I1-00 Controller
  • Ultrasonic Welders, such as the 40A320 Ultrasonic Welder and IQ Series Welders
  • Transducers, including the 41C30 Transducer, 110-3122B Transducer, and the 41C28R Transducer
  • Ultracoms, such as the 43A300 and 43C303 Ultracoms
  • Actuators, such as the 43A series, the 43B series, and the 43E series
  • Projectors

Are you looking for a high-quality repair for your Dukane equipment? Don’t wait to invest in maintenance. Contact Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. today to schedule your Dukane equipment repair with one of our maintenance professionals.