From scheduling concerns to geographic limitations, a variety of issues may keep you from seeking in-person service for your industrial equipment. Remote service could be a viable option, but it requires a little extra effort on your part. These do's and don'ts should help:

Diagnosing Equipment Remotely: Do's And Don'ts

Don't: Minimize the Issue

Your polite personality may endear you to friends, family members, and coworkers, but it won't do you any good if you're trying to get your equipment diagnosed and fixed. It's possible to remain respectful without downplaying the problem.

Do: Provide Detailed Descriptions

Accurate diagnosis from afar is only possible if you provide highly detailed descriptions that let technicians know exactly what is going on with your equipment. They will guide you through the process with targeted questions, but you'll need to follow through with accurate answers.

Don't: Worry If You Need Additional Parts

Depending on the nature of your equipment's malfunction, you may be able to ship problematic items to an expert. This can lead to a surprisingly quick turnaround so you can get your operation back on track.

Do: Attempt Diagnosis By Video

While phone services can be helpful, a video diagnostic could result in service technicians noticing issues that might not otherwise be evident. If you have the capacity to pursue the diagnostic process via video, this method will produce a more accurate initial diagnosis.

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