In the textile business, it’s never a “good time” for equipment failure to happen—but in the midst of a pandemic crisis, it can be devastating. On-site repairs may not be an option due to shutdowns, and ordering new parts or components is expensive and may cause extended downtime.

Don’t panic. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Rochester Industrial Services is at full capacity and can get you up and running again in record time. Here’s how we can help:

  1. “Virtual repairs.” We can facilitate many repairs remotely by talking you through the fixes via phone or video chat.
  2. Expedited repairs. If we need to service or repair the part ourselves, just ship it to us for a super-fast turnaround. If we have replacement parts in stock, we can also overnight those.

Find out how quickly we can get you back online. Call Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. today at 1.888.349.4638