An equipment failure during a pandemic can be catastrophic, especially if you’re an “essential industry.” Even more so if you can’t replace the broken part. You might wrongly assume your only option is to reduce production or shut it down completely. In the end, that choice can easily cost your company many thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Costly Mistakes Companies Make with Emergency Repairs: Shutting Down

You have other options. Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. is fully operational, and we’re known for super-fast repairs of industrial equipment. Here’s what we can do:

1. “Virtual repairs” by phone or video chat. In many cases, we can get you up and running in minutes just by talking you through the repair process.

2. Expedited repair service. If our technicians need to service or repair the part, just ship it to us for expedited turnaround.

Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. can help your business stay in business. Call us today at 1.888.349.4638.