How much of your company's equipment is fully functional? Even small problems can have big consequences over time. As such, swift diagnosis and repairs are essential. To convince you of the value of finding a prompt solution, we've highlighted just a few of the many ways broken equipment can cause your business to lose money:


How Much Money Does Broken Equipment Cost Your Business?

Downtime And Lost Productivity

There's no denying that major equipment malfunctions increase the potential for downtime, but losses in productivity can also accompany minor problems. Gradual slowdowns may seem imperceptible to the employees responsible for running equipment, but they'll ultimately show up in the form of disappointing output and lost profits.

The Domino Effect

When one device goes down, others are probably not far behind. In fact, some equipment can have a domino effect, in which one broken machine actually increases the likelihood of malfunctions elsewhere.

Ideally, your business will function as a streamlined operation, in which all equipment works in conjunction to ensure greater efficiency, and ultimately, a desirable return on investment.

Security Concerns

Some equipment issues can leave your facility vulnerable to security concerns, which are increasingly common in a variety of industries and settings. As a result, you could suffer data breaches or losses. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are also possible. These increasingly sophisticated threats hold the potential to cause your company tens or even hundreds of thousands in losses.

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