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Ultrasonic sewing machine that seals, sews, and trims nonwoven and synthetic fabrics in one quick, reliable step.

The SeamMaster High Profile Bonder provides good clearance for bulky fabrics or hand-guided operations.

Special fixture for welding pleated filters.

General Description

The Sonobond SeamMaster provides rapid sealing, sewing, and trimming of synthetic fabrics without thread, glue, or other consumables. Although similar in appearance and operation to traditional sewing machines, the SeamMaster High Profile bonder has a higher clearance between the wheel and the horn, making it ideal for hand-guided applications with tight tolerances, or when working around curves. Ultrasonic bonding with the SeamMaster eliminates needle and thread breakage, thread color changeover and thread unraveling problems. And with production speeds up to 4 times faster than sewing, heat sealing and adhesive machines, the SeamMaster is highly cost-effective. Sonobond’s SeamMaster is designed for specialized applications in the textile, apparel and engineered fabrics industries. A variety of interchangeable pattern rollers are available for slitting, embossing, and “stitching,” as well as custom pattern wheels designed by Sonobond engineers. The SeamMaster performs in one quick pass saving time, labor, and material. Seams bonded by Sonobond’s Seam- Master are so perfectly fused and sealed that they can be used to help comply with OSHA’s regulations for barrier seams.

Features and Benefits

  • Seams, trims, and seals without thread, glue, or other consumables
  • Quick and efficient. Performs four times faster than conventional sewing machines and ten times faster than adhesive methods
  • Larger wheel and high clearance above the bench allows for increased access for hand-guided operations
  • Available as modular units for integration into production lines
  • Virtually eliminates fraying or unraveling of bonded edges and seams
  • Features a wide selection of inter- changeable roller patterns for seaming, hemming, embossing, and printing
  • Requires minimal training to operate
  • Combines several labor-intensive operations into one pass– saving time and money
  • Helps meet OSHA regulations for barrier seams in medical apparel
  • Exclusive SoftSeam™ process produces seams that are soft and smooth against the skin.





110 or 220 volt; 12 amp



Max Pattern Width

Up to 1-inch

Standard Speed

60 ft per min

Optional Speed Kit

120 ft per min

Compessed Air

Clean, dry air at 90psi (6.3Kg/cm2), 2 CFM (1 liter per sec)

Dimensions (approx.)

48 inches wide x 21 inches long x 30 inches high

Weight (approx.)

265 lbs

Theory of Operation

Ultrasonic bonding is accomplished by channeling high-frequency vibrations to the fabric. As synthetic or nonwoven material passes between an ultrasonic unit’s horn and anvil, the vibrations are directed into the fabric where they create a rapid heat buildup. This heat causes the material’s synthetic fibers to melt and fuse, creating bonded seams that will not fray or unravel.

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