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General Description

Sonobond’s Tube Terminator pneumatically pinches off and ultrasonically seals tubes that are charged with coolants, fluids or gases. The one-step process is achieved in seconds. With the ability to crimp and seal copper tubing, without brazing, the Tube Terminator creates an airtight bond, which results in fewer defects, and decreases production time. The Tube Terminator’s ergonomic design allows the operator to make precise crimps and airtight seals. It is a portable, hand-guided unit, and weighs less than 30 pounds (14kg), making it ideal for spot welding on large parts that bench welders can’t accommodate. It can be hung with a counterbalance for greater maneuverability, and is adaptable for robotics use. The ultrasonic Tube Terminator seals tubing to a preset thickness (usually to single-wall thickness), which eliminates leakage problems that may occur with conventional sealing methods requiring heat, fluxes, solder or filler materials. Integrating the Tube Terminator into production lines provides a cost-effec- tive assembly method that can help save money on labor and consumables.

Features and Benefits

  • One-step crimping and sealing of copper and aluminum tubing.
  • Handles tubing up to 3/8” O.D. with 032” wall (10mm with 0.8mm wall).
  • Eliminates brazing and time-consuming crimping.
  • Lightweight, under 30 lbs.(14 kg) and portable, with hand-guided efficiency.
  • Long-lasting, hardened steel tips are easily removed and replaced, as op- posed to
  • replacing the entire horn.
  • Seals to one-wall thickness, creating an airtight seal to eliminate leaks. Excellent for refrigeration and air- conditioning applications.
  • Produces more units per hour with fewer defects than conventional crimping and sealing methods.
  • Interchangeable anvil tips have raised ribs to provide pattern for excellent tube sealing. Additional patterns available.
  • Minimal operator training required.
  • Solid-state frequency converter– nominal 20 kHz operating frequency self adjusts for precise match with transducer frequency.
  • Frequency Converter is housed in standard rack cabinet, and includes cooling fan for forced circulation of air through cabinet.
  • Can also be used for spot welding applications.
  • Optional weld monitoring system includes audible alarm and a fail light, alerting operator to any weld not accomplished within a selected time window.
  • Adaptable to robotic control for as- similation into advanced workplaces.


Frequency Converter

Power Requirements

120/240 volts AC, 50-60 hertz, single-phase 20 amperes

Operating Frequency (nominal)

20 kHz, continuously adjustable

RF Power Output

300-1500 watts in ten steps

Timer Range

0.0 to 3.99 seconds in 0.01- second steps


Self-contained fan


Modern industrial rack cabinet

Dimensions (approx.)

20” wide x 8” high x 22” deep (508mm x 203mm x 559mm)

Weight (approx.)

90 lbs. (41kg)

Welding Head


Hand-guided welding head suitable for counter-bal- anced overhead mounting

Operating Frequency (nominal)

20 kHz

Clamping Force

Pneumatic, continuously adjustable from 60 to 540 lbs. (27 to 245kg)

Pneumatic Air Requirement

About 3 scfm at 80 psig (0.08 cubic meters/min. at

5.5 bars)

Welding Tip

Hardened tool steel Taper- lock welding tip

Welding Tip Stroke

1.0 inches (25mm)

Anvil Tip

Replaceable hardened tool steel


Head: 29 lbs. (14kg)


The Tube Terminator is ideal for instrument tubing, and refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, because it can seal tubing charged with coolant, fluids and gases. It can also be used for spot welding similar and dissimilar non- ferrous materials.

Theory of Operation

Sonobond’s Tube Terminator uses the patented Wedge-Reed coupling system that produces low amplitude vibrations combined with high clamp force to ensure precise, dependable welds. This system eliminates bending stresses and early fatigue failures found in other welding systems. The Tube Terminator directs high frequency, ultrasonic energy via a welding tip to the tubing to be sealed. The vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films creating an airtight seal without brazing.

Pneumatic Control Box

Regulates amount of input line pressure.

Pressure Gauge


Indicates input line pressure.

Pressure Gauge


Indicates pressure applied to tube.

Speed Controls


Allow selection of speeds for welder advance. Preset at factory.



12” wide x

8” high x

15” deep

(305mm x 216mm x 381mm)

Weight (approx.)


28 lbs. (13kg)


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