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SubSurface PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator

Pipe & Cable Locators

SubSurface Pipe and Cable Locators from Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

SubSurface Instruments, Inc. PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator

The SubSurface PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator is designed for the "occasional" user who needs a simple and easy to learn pipe and cable locator, yet good enough to handle most locates.  The SubSurface PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator is especially useful for contractors who routinely perfom excavations and want to verify someone else's marks.

The SubSurface PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator is a versatile tool that can be used to locate the following:
Iron, steel, and copper water lines
Copper tracer wire
Steel cables
Aluminum conduit
Metal gas lines
Copper and aluminum electrical wires
Telephone and TV cables
Any continuous metal pipe or line
Product Features for PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator:
  • Extremely easy to learn & use
  • "Peak Over" the target line
  • 50/60 Hz Power Line detection
  • Analog Meter on Transmitter
  • Analog Meter on Receiver
  • Depth Measurement
  • 600-800' approx. range Inductive
  • 5,000' approx. range Conductive
  • 6 "D" cell batteries - Transmitter
  • 6 "AA" batteries - Receiver
  • Battery condition check
  • Traces ANY continuous metal
  • Padded carrying case
  • 3 year warrantyv
Optional Equipment for PL-920 Pipe & Cable Locator:
  • Direct Inductive Clamp
    • Induce signal directly onto target line through insulation, paint, etc. - up to 4" diameter
  • Sonde (mini-transmitter)
    • 8 kHz - Flush, push, pull through non-metallic pipe - works with PL-920 or PL-2000 receiver
    • Traces through sewer pipe, water lines, etc. that are plastic, concrete, vinyl, clay, etc.
    • Self-contained - on/off toggle switch, indicator LED, lanyard attach loop & threaded to receive plumber's snake
  • No-takeout

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Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. handles literally hundreds of municipal, commercial, and highway products such as PIPE AND CABLE LOCATORS.  This is only a partial listing.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please Contact Us.

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