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Message Boards

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Trafcon Message Arrow Boards

Trafcon Message Boards

Trafcon Trailer Mount or Vehicle Mount Message Boards from Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

We have them all:

  • Trafcon Trailer Mount Message Boards
  • Trafcon Truck Mount Message Boards

Arrow Dynamic Sign (ADS™)

An arrowboard sized message board
using ADDCO Brick Technology

Introducing ADDCO's New Arrow Dynamic Sign™ manufactured by Trafcon Industries and Available from Rochester Industrial Services, Inc.

ADDCO, Inc., leader in changeable message sign technology, has combined the convenience of an arrow board with the flexibility of a dynamic message sign.  The result is the one-of-a-kind Arrow Dynamic Sign (ADS™), a complete family of signs designed to fit any application.

The ADS uses the fully modular BRICK sign system.  Each BRICK is a 19” by 14” environmentally sealed display module containing 96 pixels using four LEDs each.  The ADS can accommodate a variety of BRICK sign configurations mounted either horizontally or vertically on a standard arrow board back plane.  Choose your sign based on your message and budget requirements - 4x3 BRICKs, 5x2, 6x2, 6x1.  All options are easy to program and operate with a laptop computer or handheld controller, offering full text and graphics capabilities.  What's more, this sign offers excellent angularity and unsurpassed visibility.  A durable, all-steel trailer and energy-efficient solar power complete this unique package.  With so many advantages to consider, why not call us today for complete specifications on the ADDCO Arrow Dynamic Sign, all backed by ADDCO's unwavering standards of quality, service, and dependability.

TRAFCON ADS Trailer Mounted Message Board

A variety of trailer configurations can be manufactured to meet your specific needs.  The trailer pictured on the left was ordered by the National Park Service to blend in with our National Forests, yet convey safety and informational messages for the motoring public.  In addition, the units can be used to notify patrons of special events and even advise of fire conditions or any other pertinent information as needed.

About TRAFCON Industries, Inc.

TRAFCON Industries, Inc. manufactures a complete line of solar, diesel, gas, and electric trailer and vehicle mounted flashing arrow boards and solar LED message boards.  They also manufacture custom vehicle-mount arrowboards, custom portable equipment platforms and towers for ITS equipment deployment, electronic LED radar controlled speed monitors and speed displays, and The WIZARD, work zone alert and information radio.  TRAFCON is the home of the first wireless remote control for arrowboards.

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Rochester Industrial Services, Inc. handles literally hundreds of municipal, commercial, and highway products such as MESSAGE AND ARROW BOARDS.  This is only a partial listing.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please Contact Us.

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